1. P360

    Software Engineer

    React NativeReactJSVueJSTypeScriptMUIAzure DevOps

    key Achivements

    • Established a React Native and TypeScript style guide for consistent development practices.
    • Created and maintained component documentation using Storybook for all frontend developers in the company.
    • Designed and implemented a flexible ReactJS autocomplete component for enhanced data search.
    • Developed a client-utilized audio-capturing component using webRTC and VueJS.
  2. Blackspektro

    Junior Software Engineer

    VueJSJavaScriptBootstrapVueAPI Integration

    key Achivements

    • Developed an efficient admin dashboard for centralized user data management.
    • Implemented vue-chartjs to visually represent user data through various types of graphs.
    • Improved user engagement by 20% through the creation and management of HTML email templates for weekly updates.
  3. TIKAJ

    Full Stack Intern

    VueJSTypeScriptStoryBookREST API Integration

    key Achivements

    • Developed a versatile multi-input component to efficiently collect user phone number data using VueJS.
    • Created comprehensive documentation for global components using Storybook.
    • Translated Figma design concepts into functional and visually appealing web pages.